Business addresses

“The corporate domiciliation service, also called virtual office, consists of the right to use our address as the tax and / or commercial headquarters of your own company, thus benefiting from our first level location in the city of Barcelona. In addition, we offer the communication service of arrival of your correspondence according to the protocol that best suits your needs, as well - if it is also of your interest - we respond to phone calls for your company, acting as your receptionists and diverting you the telephone calls according to your interest. And if you wish you can work comfortably in one of our workplaces or meet in our rooms.”

The corporate domiciliation service is ideal for SMEs, professionals, freelance, etc. avoiding, if you are not interested, publicize your home, workshop, etc., and convey a serious and professional image, without having to have a permanent physical space. Simply using our business center as an intermediary.

What includes this service?

VIRTUAL BASIC35€200€390€
* All prices excl. VAT


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